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Corporate Advisory

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Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

Corporate Tax

We efficiently identify tax risks, tax saving opportunities and make recommendations for reducing identified risks in your everyday business operations or related to a specific factual circumstance.

Tax risks:

Tax risk refers to losses incurred by unexpected financial factors unfavorable outcomes caused by the taxation process.

Tax savings:

Refers to the credits, rebates, incentives or other favourable outcomes to your taxation calculation or process.

Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory

Transactional Tax

Our team gives practical, commercial and innovative solutions to complex tax structuring issues related to the full range of M&A transactions. We collaborate with your existing lawyers or use our partnerships with commerical law firms to provide comprehensive M&A advice.

Tax planning:

Every transaction and investment benefit from tax planning, as it provides a sense of security while minimising financial risk.

Transaction Types:

Acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, disposals, restructurings, debt financing, restructurings, divestments and estate planning

Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory

International Tax

We advise South African companies embarking on international expansion (outward bound investment) and foreign companies coming to invest in South Africa (inward bound investment). In addition, we are regularly involved in multinational enterprises with complex operations and structures across the globe.

Cross Border Taxation:

Deciding whether to create a subsidiary or branch based on several factors including bilateral tax treatment.

Exchange Control:

Obtaining approvals for cross-border foreign exchange transactions involving South African entities, persons or assets.

Corporate Advisory
Corporate Advisory

Tax Due Diligence

The analysis of the historical tax compliance and related operations of a target of a proposed merger or acquisition. The level of the tax due diligence can be tailored to suit the transaction or client requirements by being either full, limited or targeted.


To uncover significant potential tax exposures, determine risk and negotiate pricing accordingly.


Ability to plan for potential exposures or mitigate risks and possibly structure the transaction in the most beneficial manner for all parties.

Corporate Advisory
Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance

We advise on the tax registration duties for your type of business. We advise on keeping compliant with the various tax obligations of your business to avoid penalties and interest on late submission. Ensuring you account for tax when buying or selling a business.(Please note that we do not complete/file tax returns but will assist with finding a tax filing service).


Strengthening tax compliance allows for the monitoring of an ethical corporate culture to reduce the risk of tax infringements and evasion. This also lowers the risk of the costs associated with non-compliance of penalties and interest.


Accurate tax records facilitate efficiency, provide a clear understanding of the financial performance of a business, and enhances investment opportunities.

Corporate Advisory

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Corporate Advisory Services

In order to ensure that our clients pay their taxes in the most efficient way and take advantage of any tax advantages and exemptions available, our advisers use their knowledge of tax legislation to provide them with tax advisory and consultancy services. Our Corporate Advisory services are categorised as follows:

  • - Corporate Tax
  • - Transactional Tax
  • - International Tax
  • - Tax Due Diligence
  • - Tax Compliance

Stay informed

As tax laws change regularly, we advise on the effects these changes may have on your business or your short-term plans. We provide comprehensive tax planning solutions to ensure you maximise tax savings while remaining in compliance.

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