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We provide accredited coaching for founders, manager and executives in managing a business and people.

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Management Consulting

The adaptation and evolution of your business and people to keep your enterprise and managerial team on the mission. We offer advice on operational efficiencies, people development, technical team reporting, organisational change management, technology implementation, business culture integration and coaching.

Technical Team Reporting: We assist with creating efficiencies in the reporting of information by the technical team to the founder, management or the board. Different types of reports are required for management, shareholders and the board and often technical teams are not prepared to vary the detail for the differing audiences.

Managerial Development: We assist with developing your staff for managing junior staff. We recognise that your best performers may require assistance in managing others and working in high performing teams.

Business Culture Integration: We recognise that customers and employees are motivated by shared values. We assist in the simplification of your business culture and values into how your people interact both internally (with each other) and externally (with customers and investors).

Coaching: We provide accredited coaching for founders, manager and executives in managing a business and people.

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Regulatory Compliance

We assist your business to comply with the various applicable laws and regulations. We assist you to identify the relevant compliance framework for your business and integrate this into your operations.

General Corporate Compliance: We advise on general corporate compliance in respect of changes to the laws and regulations that apply to your business such as annual returns to CIPC. We advise on the other regulatory compliance obligations to maintain registrations, licenses, accreditations or certifications.

Tax Compliance Requirements: We advise on the requirements to comply with the tax obligations of your business to avoid penalties and interest from late submission (Please note that we do not complete or file tax returns but will assist with finding a tax filing service).

Labour Compliance Requirements: We advise on the requirements to maintain labour compliance for your business and ensure that your staff is aware of the various internal policies and procedures.

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Startup Assistance

Having registered a company many entrepreneurs are keen to prepare their business for market or accessing funding. We provide economical and feasible solutions to assist with setting up a company for the market and accessing that fund as well as ensuring that your business is ready for growth.

Post Registration Setup: Having a registered private company or acquired a business from a prior owner, there may be other registrations (e.g. UIF), licenses (e.g. trade, transportation, liquor), or accreditations (SAQA, SABS, professional body) required. We assist your business in ensuring that all the required documentation has been obtained prior to commencing trading or within the prescribed timeframe to ensure that you are operating legally.

Business Scaling and Partnerships: The development of your business from start up to multinational enterprise requires an adviser who understands your changing needs and helps you navigate each transition and keep a focus on the overall purpose of your business. We assist with navigating the business relationships that may develop during the transition as other businesses offer to partner or joint venture for mutual benefit.

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