Looking for affordable tax advisory services for your business or personal assets?

Corporate Advisory

Tax Advisory Services

We assist with tax planning to ensure your business is maximising tax savings while keeping up to date with compliance. With changes in tax law on a regular basis, we also advise on how the proposed changes affect your business or may impact your short terms plans.

Mergers and Acquisition Transactional Tax

Our team gives practical, commercial and innovative solutions to complex tax structuring issues related to the full range of M&A transactions. We collaborate with your existing lawyers or utilise our partnerships with commercial law firms to provide comprehensive M&A advice.

Tax Due Diligence

With the proposal of a merger or acquisition, we identify historical tax risks and exposures. We also determine whether there are any tax opportunities which were underutilised. Finally, we assist with deciding the representations and warranties to include in the transaction agreements.

Corporate Tax Advisory

We efficiently identify tax risks, tax saving opportunities and make recommendations for reducing identified risks in your everyday business operations or related to a specific factual circumstance. We will were applicable advise on applicable tax reliefs or request rulings which mitigate the tax risks.

International Tax Advisory

We advise South African companies embarking on international expansion (outward bound investment) and foreign companies coming to invest in South Africa (inward investment). In addition, we are regularly involved in multinational enterprises with complex operations and structures across the globe.


If your business is registered as a company:

  1. Sale of your shares in the company; or
  2. sale of the business as a going concern. 
  1. Taxable supplies that do or will exceed R1 million in a consecutive 12 month period;
  2. Taxable supplies exceeding R50,000 in a consecutive 12 month period. It is important to note that VAT compliance requires the keeping of accurate VAT invoices. There are cash flow consequences as VAT needs to be paid over to SARS.
  3. On commencement of the continuous business activity in the following: agriculture, farming, forestry and fisheries; mining; ship and aircraft building; manufacture or assembly of plant, machinery, motor vehicles or locomotives; property development; infrastructure development and beneficiation.

Tax risks remain with the company where you are concluding a sale of business. The acquisition costs of the assets will form the base cost for future disposals.

Where purchasing shares in a company, the tax risks remain in the company and would require quantification, warrant or indemnification (where possible) to mitigate or eliminate the risk(s).